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Viewers were shocked by the sudden collapse of a meteorologist in the air – Watch the shocking video

The video of the sudden collapse is terrifying meteorologist of CBS Los Angeles, which fainted on air last Saturday. The show’s hosts Rachel Kim and Nichelle Medina gave the meteorologist the floor. But at that moment she lost consciousness and first her head rested on the desk and then she fell to the floor.

The show was immediately suspended, and in a follow-up tweet later, the channel announced that Alyssa Carlson is “now resting and recovering.”

The meteorologist, for her part, thanked everyone for the calls and messages, saying that it will be fine.

The channel did not reveal details about the case or why she passed out, saying she will return to work once she is well enough.

It is not the first time the meteorologist has felt sick in the air. She thought she had the flu, but after tests she was diagnosed with a leaking heart valve, according to NBC News.

Thank you for your prayers!

Posted by Alyssa Carlson on Sunday, March 19, 2023

Source: News Beast

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