The deal for Intrakat closes day by day

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her Eleni Bota

A matter of days, possibly even hours, is the closing of the Intrakat acquisition agreement by the shipowners Dimitris Bakos and Ioannis Kaymenakis.

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Sources close to the contacts and discussions between the parties involved estimate that the negotiations are in the final stage, while according to some others, the agreement has already been closed and is expected to be officially announced within the next few hours.

According to unconfirmed information, the price for the acquisition of Intrakat is 2.87 euros per share, however, according to other sources, it cannot be ruled out that it will be higher, characterizing it as a “surprise price”.

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The same information states that the sale of Intrakat’s shares will not only concern the percentage held by Intracom in the construction group (36.79%), but also the remaining shareholders.

Dimitris Theodoridis participates in Intrakat with 12.13%, Loukas Lazarakis and Dimos Stasinopoulos with 10.10% and Petros Suretis with 6.20%.

It is still unclear what will happen to Mr. Dimitrios Koutras (participating with a percentage of 8.13%), with some sources “seeing” his departure from the construction group, something that is expected to become clear in the future.

It is recalled that the shipowners Dimitris Bakos and Ioannis Kaymenakis, former main shareholders of ELLAKTORS, sold their percentage of participation (29.87%) in the construction group, a percentage acquired by Motor Oil on May 6, making a profit of around 60 million euros with the total amount from the sale of their shares to be around 190 million euros.

It was their intention from the beginning to enter another construction Groupunder Alexandros Exarchou (former head of AKTOR), their partner and central executive in their investment moves.

The Group’s projects

Today Intrakat’s backlog of signed contracts reaches 1.1 billion euros, it participates in PPP tenders, having been pre-selected in a total of 12 projects, with a budget of approximately 1.5 billion euros.

Its portfolio of projects includes the undergrounding of the railway line in Sepolia, the settlement of the Eschatia stream, the study – construction of the Paphos-Chrysochou highway in Cyprus, its selection in a joint venture with the French company Bouygues was chosen by Lamda Development as a consultant with form of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) for the construction of the Residential Tower in Hellinikon Marina (Riviera Tower).

In the next period, he expects the signing of contracts for the projects of the Athens railway station with a budget of 33.9 million euros, the DEDDIE contracts for the construction of distribution networks in the amount of 155 million euros and the extension of Kymi Avenue in the amount of 350 million euros together with the companies TERNA and AKTOR.

Also, Intrakat is a temporary contractor on the road axis Kalamata – Rizomylos – Pylos – Methoni, amounting to 252 million euros together with Aktor Parachores and on BOAK, in the section Hersonissos – Neapoli, with a budget of 192.5 million euros together with GEK TERNA and ACTOR Concessions.

To Intrakat in the energy sector has 100 MW of wind turbines licensed, 100 MW with definitive connection conditions and 500 MW for which environmental licensing is in progress and 350 MW of photovoltaics are awaiting connection conditions.

By the end of the year, according to management estimates, a “green” portfolio totaling 1 GW will have matured to the stage of environmental permitting.

At the same time, the company has received licenses for storage units with a total capacity of 500 MW, which are intended mainly for Boeotia, but also for Western Macedonia, Evia and Thrace.

Source: Capital

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