The departure of the July excursions has begun – Up to 90% occupancy of the ships

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With ship occupancy ranging from 70% to 90% in many cases, the departure of the summer excursions from the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio began.

The destinations that have the most demand from Friday July 1 are the Cyclades and Crete where the occupancy reaches 70% while for some destinations such as Paros, Naxos and Santorini the occupancy reaches 90%

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The Hellenic Coast Guard has received everything necessary to facilitate excursions to the three ports of Attica, while it is good for passengers who are going to travel to be at the ship’s departure dock one hour earlier.

From the port of Piraeus, 22 itineraries for the Aegean islands and 22 itineraries for the Argosaronic Islands have been scheduled for today. From Rafina, 9 routes to Cyclades and 5 to Marmari are expected, while 7 routes are planned from Lavrio.

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Yesterday, Friday, July 1st, 22 ships departed from the Port of Piraeus while 21,547 passengers, 3,530 cars, 732 trucks and 587 two-wheelers departed. 17 ships departed from the port of Rafina, while 8,505 passengers, 1,769 cars, 93 trucks and 207 two-wheelers departed.

11 departures took place from Lavrio, while 3,986 passengers, 1043 cars, 39 trucks and 80 two-wheelers departed.

According to the booking system of the companies and the information that was known to APE-MPE until noon on Thursday, from yesterday Friday to tomorrow Sunday at least 44,350 passengers will depart from the port of Piraeus for some Argosaronic or Aegean island.

According to estimates by travel agencies, because many of the travelers book their tickets shortly before the ship’s departure, the total number of passengers for the three days will reach 45,000.

According to data from the Ministry of Shipping, in June 2022 a total of 322,877 passengers departed from the port of Piraeus, while the total number of passengers handled (departure-arrival) reached a total of 575,373 passengers.

In the same month in 2021, 227,970 passengers had departed from the port of Piraeus, while the total number of passengers handled in the same period (arrivals and departures) was 402,625 passengers.

In June 2019, a year when there were no restrictive measures for the pandemic, the passengers who had departed for an Aegean island from the port of Piraeus were 370,143 passengers, while the total number of passengers (arrivals and departures) reached 675,576.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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