The digital ruble will begin testing in Russia from 2022

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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation intends to start testing a prototype platform for using the digital ruble next year. Based on its results, the Bank of Russia will draw up a roadmap for the introduction of the digital ruble as the third official form of money in the country along with cash and non-cash money. The TASS news agency writes about this.

The Central Bank said that at the moment there is an active development of the platform, which is a new unique payment infrastructure. This is one of the key projects of the Bank of Russia, which is included in the Strategy for the Development of the Financial Market until 2030.

It should be noted that the digital ruble is not equated to a cryptocurrency, since it will be issued centrally by the Central Bank. This will reduce the cost of services for ordinary citizens and businesses, and will also help in the development of the payment infrastructure. Russia is one of many countries in the world that are planning to introduce their own digital currency. So, in July this year, the European Central Bank launched a pilot project to create a digital euro.

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