The Dogecoin Foundation is going to sue the creator of the Accept Dogecoin token

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The creators of DOGE intend to file a lawsuit against YouTuber and Dogecoin influencer Matt Wallace for illegal use of the project’s brand.

Dogecoin cryptocurrency meme promoter Matt Wallace has tweeted that he intends to promote DOGE payment acceptance among retailers around the world. However, the Dogecoin Foundation claims that instead of looking for investors in the project, Wallace is trying to raise funding through the creation of a new token called Accept Dogecoin. Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus, known on Twitter as Shibetoshi Nakamoto, expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with the current situation.

He turned to Wallace with a demand to stop the development of a new token. Otherwise, the Dogecoin team will be forced to sue for abusing the DOGE name and brand. Marcus believes that Wallace’s actions are unacceptable, as the blogger’s statements mislead investors.

“Matt, you are literally breaking the law. The Dogecoin Foundation can sue you. You are NOT helping Dogecoin. Tie this with your positivity. There is nothing good in crime, which is what you are doing now, ” wrote Marcus on Twitter.

By words Markus, the influencer is not respected by Dogecoin developers and other team members. It would be great if Wallace would stop mentioning the Dogecoin name and just turn his new platform into his own standalone token, Marcus said. He said that if people buy such tokens, they will do the stupidest thing.

A few months ago, Dogecoin announced a “clone project” of Dogecoin 2.0, demanding that its developers change the name so as not to spoil the reputation of the original project. To prevent malicious attempts to use the DOGE name for fraud, the Dogecoin Foundation registered its logo and name with the European Union this month.

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