War in Ukraine: Moscow warns of possible confrontation between Russian army and NATO forces

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In a statement made last week by Warsaw, saying that a peacekeeping force should be sent to Ukraine, the Kremlin responded today, stressing that any possible contact between the Russian army and NATO forces could have serious consequences. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov said the idea of ​​Poland is reckless and extremely dangerous.

“Any possible confrontation between our troops and NATO forces could have clear consequences that would be difficult to rectify.”Peshkov told reporters.

The Kremlin He also accused the United States of putting pressure on other countries to join Russia in the G20, but noted that some powers insisted on their dominant views.

The US and its Western allies are evaluating whether Russia should remain within the G20according to sources told Reuters yesterday.

The Kremlin also said today that it was vital to implement a new law that could sentence journalists to up to 15 years in prison for deliberately spreading false news after a criminal investigation was launched against a prominent journalist.

Peshkov declined to comment on the case of journalist Alexander Nevzorov, who was prosecuted yesterday for deliberately spreading “false information” about Russian military operations in Ukraine, according to Reuters and the Athenian News Agency. .

However, when asked about Nevzorov’s case, Peshkov said the new law should be implemented because of what he described as an “intense information war” being waged against Russia.

Source: News Beast

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