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The end of Le Pen? What does her party expect in the 2027 elections?

Seven years after the rise of Emmanuel Macron transformed the country’s political landscape, last weekend’s parliamentary election reshaped it again. Beyond the media headlines about “defeat of the far right”, or “resurgence of the left” – French politics is starting to redefine itself in a more familiar pattern of left vs. right, as Politico writes in an article. “In the short term, a further breakdown of alliances has left the National Assembly without a clear majority – or even with a dominant minority – for the first time in the 60 years of the fifth democracy,” it says. The French, it seems, will have to learn the way of the Belgians, the Germans or the Swiss who have mastered the strange art of forming alliances. “However,” the article points out, “there is one question that stands out.” “Is the defeat of the extreme right of Marine Le Pen – for the third time in seven years – really a significant blow? Assuming, that is, that voters have rejected the anti-European, pro-Russian Le Pen […]
Source: News Beast

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