EOS Network Foundation CEO Yves La Rose said that the proposal to cap the EOS coin supply at 2.1 billion coins has been approved by the community.

Previously, the maximum number of coins was limited to 10 billion. However, at the moment, only 1.15 billion coins are circulating in the ecosystem. Thus, 54% of the total supply of EOS is already on the market. The remaining 950 million, according to Ives La Rose, will be released for the growth of the ecosystem and various activities, including encouraging stakers and block producers.

“The EOS network has reached consensus on a proposed change to tokenomics. At least 15 out of 21 block producers voted for approval,” wrote the CEO of the EOS Network Foundation.

Let us recall that the EOS Network project was launched by Block.one, but in 2021, management of the network was transferred to the non-profit organization EOS Network Foundation under the leadership of La Rosa. At the same time, the organizations have disagreements – the EOS Network Foundation filed a lawsuit against Block.one for $1 billion.