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The EU recommends ‘calmness’ in Kosovo and Serbia

The EU recommends ‘calmness’ in Kosovo and Serbia

The EU and its member states are closely monitoring the situation in northern Kosovo with concern, said Commission Spokesperson Peter Stano when asked about it during the regular briefing of correspondents in Brussels.

“All involved must remain calm and any uncoordinated and unilateral actions that endanger stability and security and impede the free movement of all citizens must stop immediately,” Mr. Stano stressed, adding that the only way to resolve the of disputes is dialogue and negotiations.

He also noted that “the EU has been and remains in close contact with both Kosovo and Serbia and also in coordination with NATO, EULEX, KFOR and international partners, especially the US and the aim is to appease The volumes”.

The Commission Spokesperson said that following Kosovo’s acceptance of the EU High Representative Josep Borrell’s and the US’s request to postpone the planned measures, the EU invited the two parties to meet in Brussels to discuss the way forward, find solutions and to prevent the recurrence of such tensions.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital



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