The expansion of the KAD of companies for inclusion in the regulation of 36-72 installments of affected EFKA is requested by the BEP

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He extended in a letter to the Ministers of Labor and Finance, Mr. K. Hatzidaki and Chr. Staikoura, respectively, the President of the Piraeus Chamber of Crafts, Mr. George Papamanolis-Dozas, emphasizing that the new measures give breath to the business world, but a significant number of companies are excluded.

Specifically, the letter states, among other things:

“Unfortunately, the new year finds us facing the crisis of the pandemic which is still here and is affecting our country with an unprecedented number of cases with significant effects on society and the economy.

New government support measures breathe new life into the business world. However, a significant number of companies are excluded from the measures and specifically from the settlement of debts 36-72 installments, which creates significant problems for entrepreneurs in the midst of a pandemic to settle their debts.

Please consider extending the Joint Ministerial Decision to include all KADs affected during the pandemic in order to support entrepreneurship.

Believing in your positive response and your readiness, we thank you and remain at your disposal for any action to support small and medium enterprises “.


Source From: Capital

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