The final decisions on Intrakat are a matter of days

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her Eleni Bota

The next few days are considered decisive for the entry of the shipowners and former main shareholders of Ellaktoras, Dimitris Bakus and Ioannis Kaymenakis to Intrakat.

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Sources close to the contacts and discussions between the shipowners and the president of Intracom, Sokratis Kokkalis, report to that “within the next 4 days we will have the conclusion of the negotiations between the two sides. That is, if there will be an agreement or not for the acquisition of the construction group”.

The same sources believe that the possibility of an agreement for the acquisition of Intrakat is much greater than the possibility of the deal finally collapsing.

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About the rumors about the acquisition of the construction group by Messrs. Kaimenakis and Bakos, Intracom’s management was asked yesterday during the Regular General Meeting, which basically supported what the two companies stated, responding to a relevant letter from the Capital Market Commission.

In their announcement they stated that “the Company confirms that it is in discussions with investors for a possible transaction regarding the Company’s participation in Intrakat, with no agreement to date”.

Regarding the price, stock market sources said that what has been heard in the last few hours, for 3 euros per share, although it is considered “very high”, however, it is not far from reality and that clearly if the deal is finalized, the price will be higher from the current share price on the board (yesterday it closed at 2.35 euros),

On the other hand, sources close to the construction group argue that if we take into account the price offered by BC Partners for Intrakat’s renewable energy sector (around 150 million euros) as well as the recent 50 million euros AMK that it proceeded with the company, the price for the acquisition of the Group cannot be less than 200 million euros.

In the event that Sokratis Kokkalis finally decides to proceed with the sale of more than 50% of the construction group to Mr. Bako and Kaimenaki, then they should proceed with submitting a public proposal.

Today in Intrakat, Intracom participates with a percentage of 36.79%, Dimitris Theodoridis with 12.13%, Loukas Lazarakis and Dimos Stasinopoulos with 10.10%, Dimitris Koutras with 8.13% and Petros Suretis with 6 ,20%.

Source: Capital

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