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The ‘fire’ that did not turn into a ‘fire’ and the countdown to Mitsotakis announcements at the TIF

The ‘fire’ that did not turn into a ‘fire’ and the countdown to Mitsotakis announcements at the TIF

By Dimitris Gatsiou

The completion of the Prime Minister’s meetings with productive and scientific bodies in Thessaloniki, brings the countdown to the formation of the support measures that will be announced, from the stage of the International Exhibition, by Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The meetings at the Maximos Palace are expected to intensify in the next twenty-four hours, in order to finalize the “package” of interventions to shield households and businesses by the middle of next week at the latest, at a time when what is being proposed is the concept of fiscal balance, in a critical crossroads of important governmental pursuits. Like, for example, the recovery of investment grade for the country, within the first half of 2023, with the signals that Athens emits and will continue to emit to the markets to play their own decisive role in achieving the goals.

For more than four hours and in… the setting of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, Mr. Mitsotakis discussed with the institutions of Thessaloniki, recording positions and proposals. The prime minister’s first tour of the new political year had preceded, with the choice of Serres to send signals of rallying in the “blue” environment, at the beginning of the pre-election marathon and, in fact, in a special momentum.

That of the… fire lit inside New Democracy by the statements of the former prime minister, Kostas Karamanlis, on the case of surveillance. A… fire that… went out, before turning into… a fire for Piraeus Street, adding another crack to the government’s profile. It is characteristic that, during his tour of Serres, an area-historical stronghold for the New Democracy, Mr. Mitsotakis was constantly accompanied by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Kostas Karamanlis, in a highly symbolic move.

“I want you to know that all the New Democrats are one fist with you so that we can overcome the major problems of the country, but also all Greeks, with one mind and with unity,” said Mr. Karamanlis, welcoming the Prime Minister in Serres.

There had been a leak by associates of the former prime minister, through which they invited everyone to carefully read the reports of Mr. Karamanlis in order to establish that there is no edge towards the government. “What interests Kostas Karamanlis is that no poisonous shadow be left over Public life”, they said, with the crisis of the twelve hours being led to defuse. “Kostas Karamanlis said what the government has been doing since the beginning and which is self-evident for every citizen and, above all, for every politician of our faction: We do not tolerate any shadow being left in this case and in a way that is in line with the laws and with the Constitution we will use the institutional possibilities that our Republic has, because this is the Democracy: rules, laws, Constitution, to get to the bottom of the thread in this case. From the first moment, the Prime Minister said that he will not leave any shadow behind. From the first moment, all the institutional procedures were started to move in this direction”, noted Mr. Economou from the briefing room.

With an eye on the milestone of the International Exhibition, at the same time, the messages for continuous support of the citizens against the… Accomplices of the energy crisis give the mark of the intentions and announcements of next Saturday. “We have a difficult winter ahead of us. We will stand by every Greek woman and every Greek man who is being tested. We will respect the fiscal limits which impose restraint on us and not a return to the excesses of the past and we will prove once again that this faction is not for the easy, it is for the difficult and it can always overcome and move the country forward”, is the message that Mr. Mitsotakis sends out, on the way to the speech on September 10 at the Vellideo Conference Center.

Source: Capital