The first batch of uranium-plutonium fuel from waste was manufactured in Russia

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The information publication Vedomosti officially reported that the first batch of uranium-plutonium REMIX fuel was manufactured at the Siberian Chemical Combine, which is part of the Rosatom company, which has already passed acceptance and will be used in the VVER- 1000 “. It should be noted that REMIX fuel is the latest Russian development, which, according to experts, is the future of nuclear energy. The fact is that this fuel is made from a special mixture of regenerated uranium and plutonium – it is formed during the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel using the addition of enriched uranium.

Accordingly, REMIX fuel contains less plutonium, although the neutron spectrum of this mixture does not differ from conventional enriched uranium fuel. As a result, NPP operators will be able to introduce REMIX fuel into reactors without the need to change their design and use additional safety measures. And, perhaps most importantly, this development will make it possible to reuse already irradiated fuel in nuclear power instead of storing it.

At the moment, all six fuel assemblies (TVS-2M) consist of fuel elements that contain uranium-plutonium fuel pellets instead of enriched uranium, which is usual in this field – one VVER-1000 fuel assembly contains 321 fuel elements. These tablets were made by specialists from the Mining and Chemical Combine, which is also part of Rosatom. Now the first batch of REMIX fuel will go through a whole cycle of operation according to the LTR program (lead test rods), when several experimental fuel elements are loaded into the reactor, and at the next stage several cassettes will be loaded, which will already completely consist of the newest fuel elements.

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