The first fighter will be added to Microsoft Flight Simulator: you cannot shoot from it

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Microsoft representatives, together with developers from Asobo, have officially presented the new edition of the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator – Game of the Year. This edition, as expected, will receive absolutely all the content already released for the game, as well as many new planes, eight airports around the world at once, additional tasks and, what is most pleasant, extended training, which will allow you to more efficiently fly an airplane in the virtual world. Perhaps the most interesting of the new content is the Boeing F / A-18 Super Hornet, the first fighter in the game.

The developers noted that this aircraft will be added to the game next spring, timed to coincide with the release of the fighter for the launch of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” – gamers will be given the opportunity to feel incredible speed on one of the best military aircraft of our time, but use military weapons in the virtual world, of course, nobody will give. In addition, the developers have partnered with Volocopter, which is developing an air taxi for further use of a new form of transport in cities, and thanks to this, VoloCity will appear in the game – it is an electric passenger quadrocopter that performs vertical takeoff and landing.

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Asobo added that this vehicle is a demonstration of the future capabilities of the game when helicopters are added to it. Also, the authors of Microsoft Flight Simulator reported that in the Game of the Year edition the dynamic weather system will be slightly updated, several large cities will receive their more accurate copies thanks to photogrammetry, plus support for DirectX 12 technology will appear.

The new edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year is coming to PC (Steam and Microsoft Store) and Xbox Series X | S on November 18. In addition, which is extremely important and pleasant, owners of the original version of the game will receive an upgrade to the GOTY version completely free of charge (including Xbox Game Pass).

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