Måneskin, Mammamia video out

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On the cover, a nude image. In the video, the re-enactment of a psychedelic pulp dream. THE Moonlight, who on 8 October returned to music with a latest single, Mammamia, have now released the video of the song. But the naked bodies of the band, so capable of adapting to the lyrics of the single (“Why so hot?”, Sang Damiano), have disappeared, replaced by a fatal trip by car.

Ethan first, Victoria then, Thomas last. One by one, the members of the group leave the car to immerse themselves in their fantasies: kill Damiano, arrogant leader, kill him in their own way, each for their own reason. In the video, the musicians kill the voice of their band, and it is the eighties fashion to animate their fantasies, it is the expression of a fluid sexuality, the colors, the movements of u

a bygone era. Mammamia, video format, is the celebration of a past that has become iconic and, at the same time, is the deliberately grotesque caricature of the image of the vicious and arrogant rocker, of the artist convinced that he can do everything. “The video is out and it’s already breaking everything”, Måneskin wrote on Instagram, who have also become a phenomenon abroad.


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