The first floating city on planet Earth is becoming a reality with… voula now

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A historic agreement has been signed to create the world’s first sustainable floating city; Busan in South Korea, The A habitat and OCEANIX put the signatures for the implementation of the project off the coast of 3.4 million inhabitants of a South Korean city. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the ambitious project was first unveiled two years ago and envisions a city of hexagonal platforms that will be resilient to natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis and hurricanes.

“Sustainable floating cities are part of the arsenal of climate change strategies we have available. Instead of fighting water, let’s live in harmony with it. Through the idea of ​​the floating city, we look forward to the development of climate adaptation and nature-based solutions and the ideal choice for the prototype is BusanPointed out its executive director A habitat, Maimunah Mohd Sharif.

About 40% of the Earth’s population lives within 100 kilometers of the coast, while sea levels rise. “With the complex changes that coastal cities are facing, we need a new vision in which it is possible for the world, nature and technology to coexist. There is no better place than Busan to take the first step towards sustainable settlements in the ocean “said the mayor of Busan, Park heong-line. “Rising sea levels are a formidable threat, but sustainable floating infrastructure can help resolve this impending disaster. We’re excited to write history with her Busan and the A habitat announcing the next frontier of humanity “greeted its co-founders OCEANIX, Itai Madamombe and Marc Collins Chen.

In 2019, presenting the project, o Bjarke Ingels, its founder BIG had said: “Cumulative architecture can over the years grow, transform and adapt organically, evolving from a neighborhood of 300 inhabitants into a city of 10,000 – with the potential to escalate indefinitely to provide thriving maritime communities for people who care for each other and for our planet “

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