The Flatshare, the new series to watch

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Anyone who looks at real estate advertisements in Milan with a certain degree of constancy comparing them with those of other European cities knows well how expensive London is, and it is curious that a miniseries like The Flatshare – A bed for two started from this detail to start a story. In fact, everything starts from an overpriced city and from two protagonists in their early twenties who are looking for a way to have a roof over their heads without being forced to organize a bank robbery. The intuition starts from Leon, played by Anthony Welsh, a boy who, in order to get extra money to pay the appeal in favor of his brother, accused of an armed robbery that he did not commit, he decides to rent his apartment sharing it with another tenant. The agreement put in black and white, however, is singular: since the apartment has only one bedroom, Leon decides to leave his house to the tenant from eight in the evening to eight in the morning working him at night as a nurse in a hospice.

(LR) Tiffany (Jessica Brown Findlay) and Maia (Shaniqua Okwok)42 Productions
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The contract – go figure why – stipulates that the two never meetwhich is why, when Tiffany, played by the former star of Downton Abbey Jessica Brown Findlay comes forward and decides to accept the proposal, she has no idea what Leon does and who he is. Since The Flatshare – based on the best-selling novel by Beth O’Leary and available at Paramount+ – it’s a romantic comedy, it’s clear from the very first episode that Leon and Tiffany will fall in love with each other: but how, since they can’t meet by contract? Simple, thanks to some post-its. As their days go by, curiosity pushes them to gather as much information about each other in this singular way that breaks down what the post-it represented in the 2000s – when in Sex and the City Berger uses it to leave Carrie by sticking it to the refrigerator – turning it into a substitute for old love letters.

(LR) Leon (Anthony Welsh) and Holly (Alis Waters)42 TVs
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The result is a funny dramedy, although not flawless. Along with a few efforts of the imagination – such as organizing the clickbait website where Tiffany works – and some very tasty gimmicks – such as the colonization of Leon’s apartment thanks to scented candles, floral cushions and herbal tea bags owned by Tiffany – The Flatshare he has the merit of putting on the plate a particularly tasty camembert that shines thanks to the remote synergy between Brown Findlay and Welsh, who give body and substance to two sentimentally complicated boys – Leon has been engaged for years to a girl he feels he no longer loves while Tiffany has just wrapped up a relationship she’s still having to deal with – which incredibly manages to demonstrate how much you can fall in love with someone you’ve never met – even if it still eludes us why Leon put that clause on not meeting never, since they are not vampires.

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