The four strong ‘papers’ held by Athens, after K. Mitsotakis’s visit to Washington

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Of Dimitris Gatsiou

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The Greek capital continues to move at the pace of the extremely positive results produced by the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States of America.

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The strong added value given to critical areas (such as geopolitics, energy and national issues) by the 48-hour presence of Mr Mitsotakis and top ministers accompanying him to Washington is, as government officials note, another important path to page change for our country, at a time when the message that “Greece returns as a leading power in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe and becomes a pole of stability, security and development”, is central to public and private actors.

As government officials observe, the new image of Greece is clear, while its capture was one of the main goals of Mr. Mitsotakis in the meeting with President Biden, American officials, but also in his historic speech to Congress.

In other words, to bring to the forefront a Greece that has left the crisis behind, is a stable ally, aims to become an energy hub and a destination for new investments. Starting from the geopolitical chessboard, then, in the prime minister’s summit talks, there was the recognition of the country’s role as a pillar of security, stability in a critical area of ​​the world map, with ever-changing balances.

Turning to the key piece of the energy chessboard, what emerges as the curtain falls on the prime minister’s presence in the US capital is that Athens received a vote of confidence from Washington in the strategy of turning it into an energy hub in the Balkans, but also East Europe. Both through the electricity interconnection with Egypt and through the transport of liquefied natural gas.

National issues have in themselves been a separate chapter of the multilevel debate in the United States.

On the second day of the visit and in the aftermath of the fourth in the White House, the Prime Minister and relevant ministers briefed top US officials on the new wave of Turkish delinquency, which only causes a rift both in relations between the two countries and within the Alliance. at a time when the greatest demand is unity, in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The report on the neighbor’s overflights contained a series of maps and specific facts proving that Ankara is once again tied to the chariot of challenges, as its leadership watches this new page in Greek-American relations “numb”, acting “spasmodically”, as did, for example, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu in a meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

According to information, in the Capitol, Ms. Pelozi requested and kept the specific maps, with the American capital fully understanding the Greek positions, as well as the Congress. The House, that is, holding πράσινο in its hands the green or red light in the Turkish F-16. A similar move was made by Mr. Dendias in his meeting with the US Secretary of State.

“I had the opportunity to show him, perhaps, more maps than the White House. Because there was an issue. The issue of overflights lately. Which is extremely annoying. international crisis, two allied countries have such problems.

And with the absolute responsibility of one, Turkey. “This must be explained to the American side, so that there is a clear understanding of the field,” he said.

Athens, at the same time, keeps in its quiver the economic discussions that took place in the American capital, with the aim of attracting new investments in the country.

The upgraded role of our country has already attracted the interest of American giants (Phizer and Microsoft). The next two big bets have also been placed on the. Table.

The exit from the regime of enhanced supervision in the summer and the achievement of an investment level in 2023 are expected to strengthen the Greek signal to the American companies, in order to turn more intensely the gaze towards Greece.

Source: Capital

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