The gall! Man goes with his lover to get vaccinated and meets his wife

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The covid-19 pandemic has brought all kinds of stories, but none like the one that starred a man from Brazil, who according to witnesses was caught next to his lover during the vaccination campaign.

But this is not all, because it was not discovered by anyone, but by his own wife, who went to the same center and at the same time to be inoculated, taking the worst disappointment of her life and creating a scandal promoted by jealousy and the anger that was recorded and shared on social networks.

According to local media in Brazil, the incident occurred in the municipality of Bayeux, in the province of Paraíba. In the video you can see how three women and a man are involved in a fight while the rest of the assistants and the nurses watch the scene.

Given the facts, the medical team had no choice but to call the surveillance team, which was in charge of stopping the fight. Those involved had to be separated and placed at different points for their vaccination. In the end, no one was arrested and they received the medical attention they had come for.

However, the events were recorded on video and were shared on social networks, a site where the man received negative comments for his behavior and lack of respect for his wife.

At the moment it is unknown if the marriage ended their relationship after the incident. However, everyone hopes that they have found a better way to fix everything, away from the banging and yelling. In short, we see vaccination programs, we do not know infidelities.

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