The Great Breakup: Here’s Why Women Leaders Are Quitting

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Exhaustion, lack of recognition and the desire for a better organizational culture have led women leaders to resign from the companies where they work in the United States. That’s what the research shows. Women in the Workplacemade by the LeanIn.Org initiative and the McKinsey consultancy with 333 American companies that employ more than 12 million people.

The main conclusion of the survey is that the resignation requests of female leaders in 2021 (10.5%) surpassed those of male leaders (9%) and the difference between these two numbers is the largest recorded in recent times.

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According to the study, for every woman at the director level who has been promoted, two women in management positions are choosing to leave the company where they work.

The research dubbed this increase in layoffs of women leaders in American companies as The Great Breakup, referring to The Great Resignation movement, the phenomenon of mass layoffs that began in the United States and today took the world by storm, taking place including here in Brazil.

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The survey by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey showed that there are three main reasons why women leaders are resigning from their companies: they have as much ambition as men to be promoted and recognized for their work, but face more obstacles; they are overworked and exhausted and they want a better culture in the place where they work.

Among the situations faced by these women at work mapped by the research, are being constantly confused with younger people (which discredits them and is considered by the research as a microaggression) and having male colleagues receiving credit for their ideas.

The founder of Subversiva, a consultancy specializing in organizational transformation, Maira Blasi, spoke with Mari Palma on Popverso CNN about the results of this survey and how the job market is not welcoming to women. The result of this analysis can be seen in the video below:

CNN Popverse

The CNN Brasil program is hosted by Mari Palma and airs from Monday to Friday, first on YouTube, at 8 pm, and then on TV, at 11:30 pm. In addition to following pop culture, Popverso CNN also brings another look at everyday news.

Source: CNN Brasil

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