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The Great Debate: Check if it’s time to re-invest in the stock market

The cycle of rising interest rates appears to have come to an end. Economists believe that the increase in the Selic rate to 13.75% in early August ended one of the most aggressive and long cycles of monetary tightening by the Brazilian central bank.

With the market predicting that the Selic rate will remain stationary until the end of the year and will only begin to fall next year, the stock market has already reacted positively, rising 6% in August, in the opposite direction to the markets abroad. American and European indices, for example, dropped more than 4% in the month.

But after all, is it time to go back to investing in stocks or is it better to stay in fixed income a little longer? In O Grande Debate-Investimentos, exceptionally this Tuesday (6), on the one hand, Isabel Lemos, variable income manager at Fator, believes that it is indeed time to invest in stocks, while Rodrigo Azevedo, economist and partner -founder of GT Capital, points to fixed income right now.

“The Great Debate – Investments” will always have the presence of two experts with opposing views to discuss the pros and cons of different investment options and solutions, as well as topics from the world of personal finance and the financial market.

The attraction is weekly and airs on Mondays at 8:50 pm.

(Text published by Ana Carolina Nunes)

Source: CNN Brasil

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