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The Great Debate: Find out if it’s still worth investing in commodities

The war in Ukraine completes six months generating profound economic impacts all over the world, including Brazil. A World Bank study predicts the food and fuel shock from the conflict will last until the end of 2024, raising the risk of global stagflation.

As a result, everything is more expensive, especially fuel, fertilizers and grains such as wheat and corn. The escalation in commodity prices puts pressure on inflation and impacts on interest rates and the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

On the other hand, the rise benefits some agricultural crops and even the oil sector in Brazil, as the country produces for the abroad some of the main items exported by both Russia and Ukraine.

Faced with rising interest rates and commodity prices amid the war between Russia and Ukraine, what to invest in? Caio Carvalhal, partner at Athmosphere Capital, defends investing in commodities. Paulo Cunha, CEO of iHub Investimentos, points to other investments.

“The Great Debate – Investments” will always have the presence of two specialists with opposing views to debate the pros and cons of different investment options and solutions, as well as topics from the world of personal finance and the financial market.

The attraction is weekly and airs on Mondays at 8:50 pm.

(Text published by Ana Carolina Nunes)

Source: CNN Brasil

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