The Great Debate: learn how to start investing in the current scenario

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It’s always time to start investing, but in times of economic uncertainty, high inflation and revised GDP projections, financial investments play an even more important role: they protect assets and bring some security in the midst of a complex context.

But with the negative scenario for the Stock Exchange, where to start?

On the one hand, savings accounts, Tesouro Direto and CDBs are a smoother entry point into the investment world. On the other hand, diversifying might be a good option, and as the stock market is down, this might be a good time to buy cheap stocks.

To debate which are the best options for those who want to start investing, “The Great Debate – Investimentos” this Monday (8) receives Marcela Kawauti, economist at Prada Assessoria, who argues that the ideal is to start investing in more conservative applications, and Fabrício Gonçalvez, CEO and founder of Box Asset Management, who thinks that investors can start by including shares in the portfolio.

about the program

“The Great Debate – Investments” It will always have the presence of two specialists with opposing views to debate the pros and cons of the different investment options and solutions, as well as topics from the world of personal finance and the financial market.

The attraction is weekly and airs on Mondays at 9:20 pm.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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