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The haircuts best suited to the shape of the face according to Rossella Migliaccio

A discovery guide to the shape of your face, accessories or beauty details, from eyebrow design to haircuts, even for men, including beards, was what we were missing. And she, the queen of image consultancy, could only fill this gap. Rossella Migliaccio. We are talking about the professional who made the sport famous in Italy.armochromy, a modus operandi in choosing makeup, clothes and more, even home furnishings, which for many has become almost a religion and which has influenced us to the point that its method has entered common language. You will surely have heard «purple suits you because you are a winter woman», rather than «blue and baby pink because you are summer» or «caramels and beiges suit you because you are spring» or go for «i intense greens and mustard since it’s autumn.” Well, now turn the page because we move on to faceit’s time to finalize the details, once you’ve sorted things out the big picture.

Faces, Learn to look with different eyes thanks to the face shape method.

But how come Rossella Migliaccio wants to talk to us about the ideal haircuts and hairstyles for every face shape? Color matching, for which she has become famous, is just one of the image consultancy disciplines that she herself, as a teacher, teaches in her Academy, Italian Image Institute, which trains the style experts of the future. This is why to have a complete evaluation of the aesthetics that best suits everyone, following the principles set out in the book Armocromia. The method of friendly colors that revolutionizes life and not just the imageand those to enhance the female body through clothes and accessories, in an inclusive way without any judgment or demonization of imperfections as such, rather enhancing every diversity which becomes uniqueness and strength, analyzed in the book Shapes. The guide to proportions to learn to enhance and finally love our uniquenessarrives in bookstores and online on November 14th, Faces, Learn to look with different eyes thanks to the face shape method.

This book and the third essential chapter for restyling, for those who want to tackle it, is dedicated to faces of men and women, with advice on how to enhance them with ad hoc cuts and hairstyles. It is a genderless manual that invites you to get to know yourself better to enhance your personal essence. Without disturbing ideal standards of beauty, it recalls the history of art and uses the celebrities of yesterday and today as an example, to to undermine the idea of ​​a perfection to be achieved and, rather, to invite the search for harmony between contrasts.
Every detail, in fact, is evaluated in its context, in the general balance of the face, proposing a reflection on the concept of beauty in today’s society, dominated by social media and the power of the image, which in fact owes its richness to variety.

At Vanity Fair, Rossella Migliaccio briefly gave the necessary instructions for choosing haircuts for the next change of look in view of a special occasion or just to satisfy a desire for change.

The right cuts for the oval face

«The oval shape is the most versatile in terms of beauty because it is a face well balanced between horizontal and vertical proportions, without any particular edges. Famous examples that present these characteristics can be Charlize Theron, Monica Bellucci and even Beyoncé. THE cuts the better ones are simple with clean lines which leave the outline uncovered. Lengths of all kinds work well, even with the classic central parting, and for those who love shorts there are many options to try, from the soft short with a bit of volume to the more extreme, shaved one.”

Charlize Theron

Charlize TheronC Flanigan/Getty Images

The right cuts for the oblong face

«It is a face with a typical thin and elongated shape, whose length in terms of bone structure exceeds its width. For this reason, with hair, it is useful to work horizontally and aim for balance the verticality. Medium-short hair, with a lot of volume on the sides, enhances it best. A good example is the riccio-mosso di Sarah Jessica Parker in the first episodes of Sex and the City: a cut and a voluminous styling that work laterally, shortening the face. Maryl Streep neither the devil wears Prada it is instead an example of a short cut perfect for this type of face, which in turn breaks the verticality thanks to the volume created horizontally.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica ParkerKevin.Mazur

The right cuts for the inverted triangle face

«The faces that fall into this group are characterized by a forehead wider than the jaw: a shape that looks a bit like an upside down drop. It is the face shape of an icon of the past such as Marlene Dietrich or of a modern day face like Kristen Stewart. With styling it is useful to work horizontally, as for the oblong and elongated face, because the inverse triangle also has a vertical trend. So they work hair that falls softly on the medium-lower part of the face, also through curls or “unkempt” effects. This face shape is less inclined to be short, and is inclined to prefer the lateral parting over the central one to compensate for some small asymmetries typical of thin faces. There is a very useful tip when it comes to coloring: Lighten the ends of your hair slightly it gives the perception of greater width on the lower part of the face.”

Kristen Stewart

Kristen StewartSteve Granitz/Getty Images

The right cuts for the heart-shaped face

«This shape has the characteristics of the inverse triangle but differs from this one in some details: the chin is a little shorter and rounded and overall it is a face that does not tend to “dig in” in the lower part. Some examples are actresses Anya Taylor Joy And Christina Ricci. On them we therefore see, unlike the previous typology, come on long straight hair, which verticalize the shorter parts, without the need to work on the lateral volume. Short cuts are perhaps the least similar, but they can be worn very well thanks to a trick: a tuft or a side partingat the Charlene of Monaco, which give depth to the face.”

Anya Taylor Joy

Anya Taylor-JoyJacopo Raule/Getty Images

The right cuts for the square face

«As the name suggests, this face presents a well-defined bone structure especially at the jaw level. In some people it is more evident, in others less accentuated, but in any case the fact of having sculpted jaws is a characteristic to be enhanced. They have always done well with it Grace Kellyyesterday’s great diva who boasted this face shape, or even Angelina Jolie And Olivia Wilde. The right cut to adopt features soft lines, precisely because framing it with rigid and geometric lines would only accentuate this component. Wavy folds are fine and even when you opt for an updo it is useful to let a few soft locks fall to the sides of the face. For lovers of short hair, the ideal is to add volume at the height of the temples and instead lighten it in line with the jaw.”

Olivia Wilde

Olivia WildeTaylor Hill

The right cuts for the triangle face

«The triangle face shape has many characteristics in common with the square face, so much so that in international classifications they even fall into a single category. However, there are some differences to underline: the triangle has a strong mandibular structure in the lower part, and is therefore similar to the square but it narrows at the top, at the temples. It can be seen well in the actress Minnie Driver. Among the hairstyles we recommend the cuts they leave space at the forehead is that they give volume and softness to the top of the head and the same ideas seen for the square apply, with the exception of the short cut, which is less frequent for the triangle”.

Minnie Driver

Minnie DriverKarwai Tang/Getty Images

The right cuts for the round face

«Let’s start talking about the round face by immediately specifying that round does not mean plump or rounded in reference to weight, which is an element that can concern all face shapes indifferently, as we can see on the top model Gigi Hadid or about the actress Ginnifer Goodwin. It is a rather short face with a soft perimeter, with similar width and length. The styling that is best suited in this case can be seen straight and medium-long hair, which help to lengthen the shape a little, perhaps with a side parting. A winning idea also lies in playing with the volume at the top of the head, never on the side. Whoever you prefer the short is greenlitas long as you opt for sideways cuts”.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer GoodwinJon Kopaloff

Gigi Hadid

Gigi HadidSteve Granitz

The right cuts for a diamond face

«This typology takes up the geometric figure of the rhombus: it is a face that is narrower at the ends and wider in the center, or at the height of the cheekbones, which are pronounced. It can be confused with a round face, but unlike this one which has a rounding at the level of the cheeks, in the diamond we find a rounding at the level of the zygomatic bone. Valid examples are the splendid Sophia Lorenand also Scarlett Johansson or Lily Rose Depp. In terms of styling, the diamond takes inspiration from the proposals for round faces, having to be verticalized in turn, but also from those for oval faces: the medium or long hair they work in every version, both smooth and wavywhile unlike the other face shapes just mentioned, there is no great affinity with shorts».

Lily Rose Depp

Lily Rose DeppDominique Charriau

Source: Vanity Fair

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