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Mandatory insurance project for catastrophes in Brazil is presented to the government

To provide immediate assistance to victims of natural disasters in Brazil, the National Confederation of Insurance Companies (CNSeg) proposed a bill (PL) to create insurance that can cover expenses for material losses and even compensation for deaths.

The project presented to the federal government is a replacement for PL 1,410/22 by federal deputy Tabata Amaral (PSB-SP), which is already being processed in the Chamber of Deputies.

The idea of ​​“catastrophe insurance” is to create social insurance. A fee of around R$2 would be charged to all taxpayers’ electricity bills. Energy distributors would do the work of passing on the amounts to insurance companies who, in turn, would pay the claims to those affected by natural catastrophes.

Beneficiaries of social programs would be exempt from paying the fee, according to the proposal.

The objective is to protect victims of climate disasters, such as flooding and floods caused by rain, such as those that recently occurred in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Cataria and São Paulo.

According to the president of CNseg, Dyogo Oliveira, “the idea is that every house in the country pays for this insurance, which will be something around R$2 or R$3 per month, perfectly acceptable, but which forms a volume of resources that can serve people quickly.”

“Money that the person will receive the day after the event occurs, for food, medication, buying clothes, for accommodation, so that the person can survive the next day. It would be the creation of an agile model to support victims”, he adds.

The proposal, delivered in September this year to the Minister of Integration and Regional Development, Waldez Góes, provides for the payment of compensation of R$ 15 thousand for each residence affected, with the amount deposited by pix immediately after the authorities declare a state of calamity or certify the disaster.

The beneficiaries of the fatal victims would receive R$5,000.

Source: CNN Brasil

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