The “haunted” doll in a crib that terrifies a small town

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Residents of a small town say they are terrified by a “haunted” doll on a swing, which is located next to a swamp.

The 406 inhabitants of the city of Lucinda in North Queensland Australia, which is about 90 minutes from Townsville, believe that this doll brings them bad luck.

They claim that the doll may be to blame for a number of incidents that have been reported in the city, such as problems with boat engines and the disappearance of fishing equipment.

“Everyone seems to know about this doll but in reality no one wants to talk about it”, Queensland MP Nick Dametto told the Townsville Bulletin, according to the Daily Mail.

According to him, no one knows where he came from and how he was found sitting on swing mounted on a tree.

Most locals know about the doll, as do fishermen fishing nearby, but are afraid to come “too close”.

“I’ve heard stories of people getting too close to the doll and having bad luck while on a boat or fishing,” said Dametto.

“This may be just a coincidence or a modern superstition, but it is not something I intend to joke about.”. As he noted, every question asked by locals raised new questions and no one knew the answers.

A business owner reportedly said the doll was made by a “lovable” couple of locals who wanted to add some color to their town.

Dametto, however, pointed out that the origin of the doll is a “local mystery” and that everyone wants to get an answer.

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