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The head of Crypto.com commented on the Bitcoin correction

The CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com, Kris Marzsalek, believes that the crypto market is at the stage that it was in December 2020 or January 2021. also in interview He told CNBC that Bitcoin's correction is “healthy.”

“This is a healthy move that removes some of the leverage that has built up in the system. We want to avoid sudden, hyper-aggressive spikes. We would like to see a stable flow of funds into the industry, into Bitcoin and other coins – this will allow us to work for 12-18 months,” explained Chris Marzalek.

He also expressed his opinion about the reason for the rise in the price of the first cryptocurrency. Marczalek said Bitcoin's rise was “primarily driven by inflows from Bitcoin ETFs.”

“This is a very successful product. There is a supply problem, so it should be reflected in the price,” said the CEO of Crypto.com.

Marzalek added that Bitcoin is an asset that you want to hold for decades.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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