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Doorman dies after touching a pole in the south of Rio de Janeiro

The Civil Police are investigating the death of a doorman on Rua Barão da Torre, in Ipanema, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, this Sunday (17). According to witnesses, Leonardo Monsores da Silva, 45 years old, leaned on a pole when he allegedly received an electric shock. He then fell and hit his head.

The report from the Legal Medical Institute (IML), which will confirm whether the shock had really been the cause of death, has not yet been ready. The deadline is up to 30 days.

According to RioLuz, which is responsible for public lighting in the city of Rio, after the accident was reported, a technical team from the concessionaire that maintains the network, Smart Luz, was on site and discovered clandestine connections (cats) in the circuit that feeds the post. The employees then turned off the circuit “due to the imminent risk to pedestrians”, the company said in a statement.

RioLuz mourned the doorman's death and expressed solidarity with his family. The company also said that it will charge the concessionaire to investigate the entire incident so that all necessary security measures can be adopted.

This maintenance, however, could hinder the work of the Civil Police, which intends to ask RioLuz for clarification, since, according to delegate Eduardo Aragão, the repair to the pole took place before the inspection was carried out.

“This is an irregularity because it could harm the work of experts. So, we will even summon those responsible, find out who gave the order to carry out this repair, before the inspection is carried out”, explained Aragão.

The Civil Police, through the Leblon Police Station (14th DP), which is investigating the case, is also looking for images from security cameras that may have captured the moment of the supposed collision.

Source: CNN Brasil

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