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The hell of a leveled Mariupol – “By force” in Russia maternity hospital staff and patients

About 160,000 live in hell civilians, who remain trapped in Mariupol, which is heavily bombed by Russian forces. Residents of the city are facing “a humanitarian catastrophe”, according to testimonies of people who managed to escape.

Its municipal authorities Mariupol in eastern Ukraine today reported that staff and patients from a maternity hospital in the city, which is under siege by Russian forces, were forcibly transferred to Russia.

“More than 70 people, women and medical staff, were forcibly removed from the occupiers from maternity hospital No. 2 on the left bank”said the mayor of Mariupol in the Telegram.

In all, more than 2,000 Mariupol residents have been relocated “against their will” to Russia, according to local authorities, who say Russians have confiscated their papers and taken them to “remote Russian cities”.

Satellite image from the flattened Mariupol in Ukraine

This information has not been confirmed by an independent source, according to the French Agency and the Athenian News Agency.

Source: News Beast

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