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Yandex.Browser has learned how to create subtitles and even highlight the current word

In the second half of last year, Yandex introduced voice-over video translation for its browser, an innovative feature that translates and voices foreign videos into Russian. Now the company has added the option of interactive subtitles for YouTube, they are created automatically and highlight a specific word during its pronunciation in the video. The innovation works with videos in English, French, German and Spanish, but you can also include translated subtitles in Russian. In the future, the developers plan to add more language pairs.

Highlighting the current word will help not to lose the meaning of what was said – this is especially important for those who study a foreign language. At any time, the user can click on a word to see the translation of both the specific word and the entire sentence.

Interactive subtitles are based on neural networks, and the translation itself is carried out in several steps, but already at the very first step, the system recognizes speech, transforms it into text and, using neural networks, breaks it into sentences. At the same time, the technology captures the beginning and end of each word in the video – thanks to this, they are highlighted at the very moment of pronunciation.

To use interactive subtitles, you need to hover over the player and in the pop-up window “Translate video” select the activation of subtitles in the settings.

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