The horrific murder of a sex coach by her jealous husband: He threw the corpse from the 13th floor

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The wild one is shocking murder of a Russian woman, who was repeatedly stabbed in the head by her husband, who then threw her body from a height of 40 meters.

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Rustam Mursalov, 24, confessed to killing 25-year-old Alexandra Mursalova because he was “jealous” of her, according to information about the case broadcast by the Daily Mail.

Mursalova, who had two children with personal trainer Mursalov, worked as a sex coach for wealthy clients in Saint Petersburg.

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She claimed that she could “teach people how to love”, saying: “I find the problem in 15 minutes. I solve everything in four sessions “.

However, her relationship did not go so well, with Mursalova sharing frightening details about the threats that her husband allegedly unleashed on thousands of her followers on social media.

“He knocked on the door, saying he would kill me and the children.”

Just a week before her death, she wrote that Mursalov had threatened to stab her and their children, aged 7 and 2.

“He knocked on the door, saying he would kill me and the children and then jump into space,” the woman wrote. “I took the children and changed apartments, but he comes every night, knocks on the door, wakes us up and scares the children.”

It is not clear whether the young mother reported the man to the police or whether she sought help from the authorities. However, she assured her followers that she knew how to manage this situation.

After the murder of his wife, Mursalov broke out and was later handed over to the police, according to local media.

Cited sources said that during the interrogation the man confessed that he had planned the murder of his wife. “Prepare one knife “and the children went to relatives so as not to see the horror”, the sources noted.

“On the night of September 21, he was waiting for his wife and she arrived with another man. There was a quarrel on the stairs and the man ran. He was left alone with his wife and stabbed her 10 times “.

He then threw the body of the unfortunate woman from the balcony of the 13th floor apartment, along with her jacket which was filled with blood.

Her husband was jealous of the money he made as a sex coach

In her posts on social media, she had written that her husband was jealous of the money she made from her job as a sex coach. “My husband tried to pick up my phone so I would no longer make money,” she said.

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