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The Hosbec employers’ association will ask the Consell that a hotel reservation allows the perimeter closure to be skipped

With the de-escalation debate more present than ever after bending the curve of the third wave of coronavirus in the Valencian Community, and with Easter just around the corner, the hotel industry wants to start to get out of the situation of assisted breathing you are on today. With just one 20% of the hotel plant open -surviving with an occupation of 10% -, the Hosbec employers’ association will present its own de-escalation plan to the Valencian Government this Wednesday.

According to Nuria Montes, the general secretary of the main hotel management association in the Valencian Community, has confirmed to EL MUNDO, “the de-escalation plan for tourist accommodation must also start as soon as possible”, for which it will be put on the table negotiating a proposal that allows circumvent perimeter closures with a “confirmed and confirmable hotel reservation”.

The main problem for the reactivation of tourism is right now in the mobility restrictions. With the cities and the region closed, tourism does not make sense. So while waiting for whether the Consell decides this week to lift the perimeter closures of the big cities at the weekend, the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has already dropped that it is not at all ruled out that the bolt of the Valencian Community at Easter. In fact, it has already suggested an agreement between the central government and the communities to limit mobility between territories for the April holidays.

Hence, Hosbec’s proposal basically goes by considering tourism as an exception to the norm in the event of the perimeter closure being extended. In this sense, even that hotels can issue a document the day before the start of the reservation to prevent, for example, that someone can reserve a hotel on a web portal to use it before the Police and then cancel it.

According to Montes, “the hotels that are open have been operating since June without problems and without outbreaks, so they have been confirmed as safe accommodations”. Therefore, in the opinion of the hotel industry, initiating this particular de-escalation of the sector” would not increase the risk of contagion and it could even be possible to trace all customers. ”

The Hosbec movement also seeks to launch a message of reactivation of tourism so that the Valencian Community is not left behind if other regions begin to reopen. Actually, Holy Week is already lost: “Many hotels will remain closed, but there may be business volume for some”, in the words of Montes.

CEV requests businesses until 8:00 p.m.

On the other hand, the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community (CEV) has sent the Ministry of Health a proposal to extend the closing hours of commercial establishments until 8 pm. According to the Valencian employers’ association, the idea “has been well received by the department headed by the minister Ana Barceló.”

If the proposal is accepted, the establishments would see their business hours extended by two hours after being limited to 18 hours as a measure to contain the pandemic. A circumstance that, along with the 30% capacity limitation, the sector has considered very harsh and detrimental to commercial activity, according to the CEV

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