The longshoremen agree to leave the strike if Bilboestiba accepts the negotiation proposal of the Ministry of Labor

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The unions with representation in the port of Bilbao stowage have accepted today in assembly the proposal of the roadmap of the Ministry of Labor for a negotiated solution to the conflict and have already communicated this in writing.

This proposal of the Ministry had the condition of calling off the strike. Unions have accepted “not exercise the right to strike” as soon as the companies answer affirmatively ” to the Labor negotiating proposal, the UGT representative pointed out Israel Ruiz.

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In addition, as a sign of “good faith and commitment to dialogue”, they undertake “not to issue a new strike notice” during the negotiation phase. The current strike is called until December 9 and started on October 25.

The roadmap presented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy has an acceptance or rejection period until this Thursday, December 3. The Ministry’s plan includes bipartite meetings, followed by meetings with the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, in which concrete advances or difficulties can be presented.

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This proposal contemplates two negotiation periods. The first, of bipartite negotiation to develop between the acceptance of the proposal and December 22, a period in which it is recommended to hold a minimum of two meetings between the social and business parties, and a joint tripartite meeting with the Ministry, in Madrid, on December 22.

The second bipartite negotiation period, if necessary, will take place between December 23, 2020 and January 12, 2021, during which it is recommended that a minimum of two meetings be held between both parties and a second and final meeting at ministerial headquarters, to be held on January 13, 2021.

This solution proposed by Labor makes it clear that the option preferred by the Ministry of Yolada DÃaz is not the forced arbitration sought by the employers, who until now have refused any other formula, considering that the union proposals are non-negotiable.

Bilboestiba companies are reluctant to negotiate issues that they consider to be outside what the Law requires them to do. Among them, the regulation of tasks complementary to stowage, such as the transfer of cargo through the port, which even now they were included in the collective agreement.

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