The stevedoring companies also refuse to sit down with the Ministry of Labor and demand mandatory arbitration

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The stevedoring companies from the port of Bilbao has also rejected the mediation of the Ministry of Labor requested by the unions to solve the conflict and the strike in the Port of Bilbao that has lasted 48 days. As they did before with the Department of Labor, the employers have responded to the General Directorate of Labor of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy that they consider “exhausted all avenues of negotiation, with and without mediation ” and they only propose as “Only alternative” an arbitration of compulsory law “.

This refusal to mediation leaves everything in the hands of the Ministry of Yolanda DÃaz, which is in charge of proposing mandatory arbitration to the Council of Ministers in her case.

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The arguments used by the companies are the same as those used to reject the mediation of the Basque Government. They consider that the conflict is posing from “the defense of arguments contrary to law and outside the matters of collective bargaining for which the parties are entitled “.

It should be remembered that part of the union claims is to maintain within the agreement prerogatives that the companies affirm that the Law does not oblige them, such as for example that stevedores do tasks that are not specified as their own, such as those of reception of goods delivery.

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The companies assure that they are committed to “dialogue and collective bargaining”, but that after the refusal of the workers to submit the matter to a voluntary arbitration procedure, “all conditions are in place to establish compulsory arbitration by the Government”, as they assure that the State Attorney has confirmed in a report -which is not binding on the Ministry- and they have requested both the Bilbao Port Authority and all the agents and port operators. The Lehendakari himself also requested for letter to Pedro Sánchez the arbitration.

After refusing mediation, the companies insist on the “need for urgent action in the face of the extraordinary gravity of the situation in which the port has been in for 48 days and its devastating effects both locally and nationally “, and they point out the very important and sensitive losses in traffic, damage to multitude of companies and port agents and a general loss of competitiveness in the logistics, industrial and manufacturing sector associated with the fourth Spanish port and the first on the Cantabrian coast.

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