The hospitality industry criticizes the “improvised” closure of the sector: “Do you want to tell us how we are going to pay taxes tomorrow?”

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The total closure of the hotel business as a result of the uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus has provoked an angry and unequivocal reaction from all the associations in the sector, from which the “criminalization” that the new restrictions for catering companies have been criticized.

“Politics has been mixed with the economy. Now the Botanical Garden will be closer together but tomorrow there will be many ruined families. It is a political decision and not a health one because we know that 60% of infections occur in the Family sphere and only 2.3% of the hotel industry “, has questioned the president of Conhostur and the Valencia Hospitality Federation, Manuel Espinar.

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For the representative of the hoteliers, the decision is absolutely political and has originated as a result of the pressure exerted by the government partners on the President of the Generalitat: “They have succeeded. Yesterday the closing was not on the table and today , only 24 hours later and with overwhelming precipitation, we learned through the media of a decision that has been adopted without counting on the sector “, Espinar stressed.

Furthermore, the president of the Federation has insisted that the closure has been ordered this Thursday without even being clear about the procedures for the distribution of the aid that Ximo Puig promised a day ago. “We are morally sunk. Tomorrow we have to pay taxes. How are we going to be able to assume them with the restrictions that we were already dragging and with those that are announced to us now?”, Asked the representative of the hoteliers in Valencia.

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And, he confirmed, the measures that had been applied so far had already led to the closure of 30% of businesses and the destruction of nearly 20,000 jobs.

“With this situation, from 30% of closures we are going to go to 50% safe. People are exhausted and are going to throw in the towel. According to our calculations, the sector only has 20 days financially to be able to hold out. We have been in for a long time. with very tough restrictions and we need help so that more companies do not fall “, he defended.

For its part, the Coordinator of Leisure and Hospitality has considered the announcement by the President of the Generalitat a “difficult news for the sector to digest, which is once again the one that requires the greatest sacrifice to improve the health situation”.

The Coordinator understands the need to adopt measures, but considers that these “must go through the closure of all non-essential commercial economic activity. Otherwise, we are talking about an arbitrary, unfair and drastic measure that again focuses on the problem of the increases in the contagion curve in the hospitality industry “, the Coordinator highlighted in a statement.

“They continue to give ‘blind sticks’ punishing, again, bars, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues to save time. All this, with a very high bill for the thousands of SMEs and workers in the sector. That way we will not get out of this situation, neither of the sanitary nor of the economic one.

There can be no more delays or small print in the help plan because we are again in the same situation as in March, but with the difference that, now, we start from a billing of minus zero “, they have stated.

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