AOC claims that the President is “not in a good position” and shouldn’t be making important decisions in this health state

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed up on The Rachel Maddow Show on 8th October where she was questioned about the health of the president and how he would cope with handling political matters along with receiving treatments for Covid-19. 

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President Donald Trump was diagnosed with Coronavirus last week, he has been taking different medicines for his treatment, along with a steroid Dexamethasone which is known to cause lurid dreams.  

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According to the congresswoman, “There’s a certain, just basic denial of science, and a lack of acceptance of science that we’re looking at. But you know, additionally, the president is not in a good condition.” She further added “I don’t think that we should be making any large political decisions when the president is in such a perilous medical state. He’s still receiving interventions and treatments and we’re in the middle of talking about, and making, dramatic decisions.” 

The president earlier put an abrupt halt to any Coronavirus relief bill up unit the elections were done with, a decision that was denounced by presidential candidate Joe Biden and Ocasio-Cortez. 

Ocasio-Cortez said, “If the president and the GOP follow through on walking away from COVID relief, we are looking at one of — we are staring down the barrel at — one of the largest mass eviction crises in the history of this country since the Great Depression. That’s what we’re looking at.” He further added, “We are looking at a potential second wave that could be catastrophic. We are looking at the potential for hunger in the United States exploding on a level that we have never seen since the Great Depression. And all of it is preventable. All of it.” 

He further talked about the staff of the white-house and people from inner circle of the president who have started testing positive for the virus. 

“On one hand, you know, I think that they’re just kind of drinking their own Kool-Aid,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “They really started to believe that masks didn’t matter. That rapid tests, which he had known were less effective, were acceptable before a mass super-spreading event.” 


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