The hotelier Luis Riu, acquitted of the cause investigating the alleged payment of bribes in Miami

The businessman is exonerated after the Florida Justice has decreed the dismissal. Your company will donate $ 200,000.

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Businessman Luis Riu, one of the most important hoteliers in Spain and CEO of Riu Hotels & Resorts, has been exonerated in the judicial proceeding that the Florida Prosecutor’s Office had brought against him for three years for an alleged collection of bribes in kind by a senior Urban Planning official from Miami Beach, where the Mallorcan chain owns a hotel.

The court examining the case has decreed the dismissal of the accusation against the Mallorcan hotelier and Riu will not even be tried. The process will continue against other defendants, including the former public official, who is credited with having accepted hotel stays in businesses that were under his sphere of influence.


Riu was arrested in the city of Florida in 2018, just three years ago, in an operation coordinated by Miami-Dade County Prosecutor Katherine Fernández, and which was directed mainly against the Miami Construction director. He was released after posting a bail of $ 20,000 and has not been called before the judge until today.


The hotelier has reached a agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office that today Wednesday has been validated by the courts and for which he must only appear as a witness if finally required, and not as the accused.

The company that owns its hotel in Florida, Riutel Florida, has been declared as ‘no contest’, a legal figure for which he renounces litigation but does not imply a plea of ​​guilt. In return, You will have to pay the costs of the process (around $ 300,000) and make a financial compensation of another $ 200,000 in local charity projects, according to legal sources familiar with the procedure.

The investigation of the American Justice focused on clarifying and River or the regional director of the chain they had given away or authorized free stays or with great discounts in hotels to the high official and if that had responded to a reward for his administrative work in the file of renovation of his hotel. As the charges against the businessman drop, this accusation falls.

The Riu chain has always limited itself to defending that its executives were “absolutely innocent” of that accusation, showing his respect and his willingness to collaborate with Justice.

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