The Indian variant of the coronavirus was first identified in Hungary

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Two cases of its Indian variant strain coronavirus have been identified by the Hungarian authorities, as announced today by the government official responsible for the vaccination program against covid-19.

Hungary has been hit hard by the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins University is the country with the most covid-19 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. A particularly deadly third wave of the epidemic began to subside after the start of an aggressive immunization campaign, as noted by AMPE.

“The Indian variant of the coronavirus is present in Hungary, according to experts we cannot rule out a new pandemic waveSaid Istvan Giorgi, deputy minister and head of the government’s strike team on the covid-19 vaccination campaign.

According to Cecilia Müller, head of the Hungarian health authorities, one of the two patients infected with this particular coronavirus strain has already recovered. However, the tracking of their contacts did not allow the authorities to understand how they became infected as none of them had recently traveled abroad.

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