The industry is present in every moment of Brazilian life

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To understand the role of industry in the lives of Brazilians, just imagine a worker’s day: 6:00 in the morning, the alarm goes off, he gets out of bed, goes to the bathroom and makes some coffee. Change clothes, take public transport and take the opportunity to check the news on the smartphone. At work, turn on the computer and complete all the tasks for the day. When finished, take public transport to go home, have dinner, shower, watch TV and sleep.

The industry is present in absolutely all actions carried out by this worker. From the mattress he sleeps to the coffee he drinks. From the bus that transports him to the stove he uses to cook. From the clothes he wears to the shower that warms him.

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All the time, someone is creating and producing everything that is necessary for the routine to continue repeating itself, without interference and with a high perceived quality.

The Brazilian Industry is investing more and more in new technologies, innovations and in the qualification of professionals to meet the population’s demands with excellence. Altogether, 28 segments of the industry offer products and services that do not fall short of what is produced in the most developed nations.

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CNI, SESI and SENAI are essential to make the national industry increasingly modern and competitive. The work is carried out in partnership with the National Industry Forum, the FNI, which is made up of 70 sectorial entities.

As the industry follows the routine of the Brazilian population, during the pandemic it would be no different. Therefore, it has played a crucial role in combating Coronavirus. Although severely affected by the economic crisis resulting from social isolation, the national industry put its technical and productive capacity to help governments and the population during the pandemic. A network coordinated by CNI and SENAI has already mobilized 380 industries of different sizes and their respective representative entities, as well as state federations in this solidarity crusade.

Investments in various actions in all regions of the country reach R$ 470 million. Among them we can highlight the initiative, commanded by SENAI, to maintain and repair mechanical respirators that were disabled. All in all already 4.1 thousand respirators were received, of which 2.5 thousand have already been repaired and returned to health units in 223 municipalities. Estimate-I know more than 25,000 lives were saved as a result of this initiative.

In addition, the industry has already produced 34 million surgical masks, 22.3 million common use masks, 690 thousand face shields, 688,000 hospital garments and 1.5 million pairs of gloves, the majority destined for donations.

Another important initiative of SENAI was to offer free technical and professional courses to thousands of young people and workers across the country. Furthermore, it made available to governments the 84 institutes of technology and innovation to develop means to minimize the spread of the virus, such as the creation of new methods for preventing and detecting the virus.

Meanwhile, to accelerate the vaccination of industry workers against Covid-19, SESI placed its entire structure, present in 2.4 thousand municipalities, available National Immunization Program. About half a million people have already been vaccinated with direct support from the entity.

As can be seen, there is no such thing as a strong country without a strong industry. In addition to being part of the population’s routine, industry is the engine of economic and social development in the country.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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