The intimate? On TikTok, two thongs make a top

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It can be defined as an eternal return. It seems to be outdated and yet lo and behold, that by fashion Y2K, underwear in full view is back in vogue. In 2022, many celebs have decided to dress with underwear that peeps out, there are even those who like Julia Fox made it a trademark of his style.

Even 2023 does not seem to want to give up this trend. Eg Dua Lipa sported a thong dress that makes a fine show to welcome the new year, and also Lisa Koshy chose a very similar outfit for i Golden Globes 2023.

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Golden Globe 2023, all the celeb looks on the red carpet

Filed last year’s forced break, in Beverly Hills the red carpet of the Golden Globes has returned to shine through the style performances of the celebs. In balance between traditional Hollywood glamor and innovative silhouettes, in a swirl of amazing nuances, sequins and decorations, spotlights on the most stellar outfits

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But, be careful, let’s not make the mistake of thinking we’ve seen all the possible combinations with underwear in the foreground, because TikTok is ready to make us think again. No more under – or out – the pants: now underpants and thongs also become tops.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

To show it is the creator Joslyn Sieling (@sieling.j on social media) who in a post delights in giving a “new” life to her underwear, starting with designer thongs Calvin Klein. In fact, now two are enough to make a two-tone crop top.

The girl continues in hers tutorials transforming a golden boxer into a top – using a necklace and a lace in addition – and, finally, demonstrates how the famous “grandma’s long johns” can become a one-shoulder top.

A little trick which, as expected, has divided users on the social network into those who appreciate its ingenuity and those who reject the idea completely, but the saying goes: «It doesn’t matter whether you talk about it well or badly, the important thing is let’s talk about it”. Indeed some of the over 280K Followers of Joslyn they decided to give it a try and then share their own «top-pant».

TikTok content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Talking about innovation is certainly excessive, just like saying that this is a more chic and glamorous use of underwear, rather it is commendable to admire their creativity and goodness of intentions. Intuition: 10. Fashion impact: We’re not there.

Source: Vanity Fair

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