The investment platform financed by the Recovery Fund has opened

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By Tasos Dasopoulos

The electronic platform is launched today ( where the investment proposals of individuals will be submitted who will claim financing from the resources of the Recovery and Resilience Fund “Greece 2.0”.

The new platform now allows the submission of investment plans to be done electronically and is the main gateway for private investment that will be evaluated to receive particularly favorable financing, thanks to the loan resources of “Greece 2.0”.

It is fully automated to provide speed and adequate information to investors – without further intervention – and to enable quick disbursements.

In addition, it is designed to maximize transparency and investor information. The platform also checks for cumulation issues.

Investors can now upload their investment plans through the platform, while from 1.6.2022 its use becomes mandatory for the submission of investment plans.

It is recalled that the loan arm of “Greece 2.0”, amounting to 12.7 billion euros, will lead to a significant increase in private investment in the coming years, allowing to maintain a high growth rate, despite the adverse conditions prevailing internationally.

The Program is addressed to all Greek companies, regardless of size and legal form, which have the opportunity to receive for their investment up to 50% of the cost from the resources of “Greece 2.0”, with a fixed interest rate that is currently 0.35% .

“Greece 2.0” investments focus on the green and digital transition, as 37% of their expenses will be related to the climate and 20% to the promotion of the digital transition of private companies.

The final amount of financing the investment plan, from the loans of the Recovery and Resilience Fund, is calculated according to the existence of a budget of eligible investment costs in the five pillars of the loan arm of “Greece 2.0”, as well as meeting specific criteria per pillar.

Seven domestic banks (National Bank, Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, Eurobank, Optima Bank, Pancretan Bank and Hellenic Development Investment Bank) and two international ones (European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction) participate in private investment financing.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, responsible for the implementation of “Greece 2.0”, Mr. Thodoros Skylakakis, stated: “The implementation of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan ‘Greece 2.0’ is progressing with increasing dynamics. In this direction, the operation of the platform “It is an important development for the loans of the Program. Yesterday, the announcement of the decisions that raise to 10 billion euros and now the total budget of the projects that have been included, so far, in the Recovery Fund, preceded”.


Source: Capital

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