The Kremlin messes with the USA: The armored vehicles it will send to Ukraine will be burned

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Against the USA turns the Kremlin declaring that the Abrams tanks they will send to Ukraine they will “burn”. “The proposed missions are expensive madness,” adds Dmitry Peskov.

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US officials told Reuters yesterday that Washington is expected to send dozens tanks M1 Abrams in Ukraine, reversing its previous position on the matter.

Speaking at a regular press briefing, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that while the Abrams missions are not confirmed, it will nevertheless be a waste of money.

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“I’m sure many experts realize the absurdity of this idea. The plan is disastrous in terms of technology,” he emphasized, as reported by the Athens News Agency. “But most of all, he overestimates the potential it will bring to the Ukrainian military. These tanks burn like any other,” he added.

“We call for vigilance to avoid the risk of a nuclear war”

Meanwhile, the Kremlin said it was “really worrying” that the “Doomsday Clock” had moved closer than ever to midnight and called for vigilance to avoid the risk of a nuclear war.

The hands on the “Doomsday Clock”, created by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to measure how close humanity is to the end of the world, moved to 90 seconds before midnight, 10 seconds closer than they had been during the last three years.

Source: News Beast

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