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The live-action of ‘How to train your dragon’ already has its protagonists

The fashion of adapting animated films to their version live action seems to have become the ace up the sleeve of both film directors and production houses, who despite the criticism and not so good public acceptance when choosing supporting actors continue to generate remakes which are not long in being severely attacked by the fans.

Recently, DreamWorks became the latest production company to announce that it is joining the initiative to create live-action adaptations after confirming that they are working on adapting to live action his successful animated film How to Train Your Dragon. However, the news was not very well received by his fans. In addition, it generated the unknown about what the Toothless dragon would look like in real life.

He live action It is a fact and it already has protagonists!

Image showing the characters from the animated film 'How to train your dragon'

After, in February, Universal Pictures announced the adaptation with real actors of the story of the movie’s favorite dragon and after months of an exhaustive search, a few days ago, the production announced that the actor Mason Thames and the actress Nico Parker They will be in charge of starring as Hiccup and Astrid, respectively, in the film that tells the adventures of the young Viking and his dragon.

According to information shared by The Hollywood Reporterthe producers took time to inform who their protagonists would be, since they are trying to find actors that resemble the physical appearance of the characters as much as possible, since the objective is to be as faithful as possible to the saga and original format that was seen in the animated trilogy.

Photographs of the actor Mason Thames and the actress Nico Parker on the image of the characters Hiccup and Astrid from the film How to Train Your Dragon

The person responsible for directing the adaptation live action of this new project will be Dean DeBlois, the same director who signed the animated trilogy of How to Train Your Dragon and Lilo and Stitch. The filmmaker assured that filming is scheduled to begin this summer, so it is believed that its theatrical release date is March 14, 2025.

After announcing the name and giving a face to the protagonists of this new adaptation, the reactions in networks did not wait. For the most part, an endless number of users seem to disagree, since they assure that this tape should not have a live actionalthough there were a few others who found it interesting and the protagonists were to their liking.

That’s how they took the news fans from the animated movie

1. It is better not to have expectations

Josh Peck meme about the live action of the movie How to train your dragon

2. There are films that do not need live action

meme about the news of the protagonists of the live action of How to train your dragon

3. Not all are fans of the live action

screenshot of a tweet regarding the live action adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon

4. Many believe that it is unnecessary

Screenshot of a comment on Twitter regarding the live action of How to Train Your Dragon

5. Something is wrong here

screenshot of a comment regarding the live action How to Train Your Dragon

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