The Måneskin and Rush’s two excellent slams!

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THE Maneskinafter an unforgettable 2022 marked by many magical moments (the return to San Remo Festivalthe application to Grammys 2023, the Coachella Festival and the concert at Circus Maximus of Rome), have inaugurated the new year between lights and shadows: on the one hand the highly anticipated has arrived new album Rush! (it comes out today, Friday 20 January) which was preceded by a few days by the single Gossip (with consequent crowds of girls tearing their clothes because Damiano shaved his long hair to promote him); on the other, two solemn and rained down on the Roman band authoritative bullshit.

The first since master Uto Ughi, who when presenting his new concert program didn’t mince words: «Måneskin are an insult to culture and art». The famous violinist, who began attending musical courses at the age of 10 and then moved on to teaching, then specified: «I don’t particularly have it with Måneskin, every genre has the right to exist, but when they make music and they don’t just scream».

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The words of the great Italian violinist were followed by a harsh attack by the prestigious US magazine The Atlantic. Through an editorial signed by Spencer Kornhaber whose title already says a lot: “This is the rock band that should save Rock and Roll?”. In the article Kornhaber especially shreds the last album Rush!whose songs, according to him, would be «clearly recycled and blatantly mediocre». By demonstrating «forcefully how actually the charm of the band is not their music». The idea of ​​the group “igniting a culture war between rock and pop sounds tragic at best,” while the same lyrics look like «timid attempts to shock and cause annoyance».

In conclusion, according to Kornhaber, the planetary popularity of the Måneskin is due only «at a memorable TV show». The “musical revolution” evoked by many observers and fans in his opinion is nowhere to be found. Kornhaber, however, acknowledges Damiano and his associates at least one merit: when the four are asked whether or not they represent a historic change, they carefully avoid taking a clear-cut position.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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