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The Marquise Rose Hanbury and Queen Camilla, accomplices in the front row at a prestigious horse show

This weekend, the Queen and Marchioness stood alongside the royal family to quell the malicious gossip swirling around it. Rose HanburyMarchioness of Cholmondeley, took part in the final of Badminton Horse Trials, an iconic horse show, in the company of British Equestrian godmother, Queen Camilla. It was her first major public appearance since her lawyers spoke out to silence rumors of adultery that also concern Prince William. For four years it has been rumored (without any confirmation) that the Marchioness is the lover of the Prince of Wales, Kate Middleton's husband.

Rose Hanbury, Charlotte Tilbury and Queen Camilla on May 12, 2024 in Badminton

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This weekend, the wife of David Cholmondeley she was seen with the Queen, in particular in conversation with the British make-up star Charlotte Tilbury, founder of the brand of the same name. As proof of her unfailing closeness to the royal family, the marquise was invited along with family members Tindallcomposed by Zaradaughter of the princess Annaand by her husband Mike Tindall. His son was also present Lucasthree years old.

The two women knew that the image of their smiling complicity and the mere presence of the Marchioness would be on everyone's lips. What they send is a strong signal: Rose Hanbury belongs to the highest British aristocracy, dear to the hearts of senior members of Buckingham Palace, above all suspicion.

Tensions with Kate Middleton?

Born on March 15, 1984 in England, Rose Hanbury was destined to belong to the British social elite even before she was born: her paternal grandmother, Lady Rose Lambertwas one of the bridesmaids of Elizabeth II when she married the prince Philip in 1947. Daughter of Timothy Hanburygraph, and of Emma Hanburystylist, has carved out her own place among the aristocracy, thanks also to her marriage in 2009 with David Cholmondeley – last Marquess of Cholmondeley – born 1960. He held the official position of Lord Great Chamberlain until the Queen's death. Having long been close to Kate and William due to their residence in Norfolk, they are the parents of three children.

In March 2023, the Marquess was appointed permanent Lord in-Waiting to Charles III. He is therefore invited to participate in important official ceremonies. A friend of Prince William, he will also represent his father at royal events. As a retired senior Crown official, he was appointed personally by the King, in a non-political capacity. For his part, Rose Hanbury has been present alongside the royal family at every highlight for the monarchy in recent years: in addition to the coronation, he attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and the funeral of Prince Philip. Since the rumors of adultery began to circulate, it is said that Kate Middleton has cut ties with the Marchioness and is doing everything to keep her away from the couple and the corridors of Buckingham Palace.

These rumors resurfaced during the Princess' absence, which some attributed to a potential marital dispute over the Prince's alleged adultery with the Marchioness. In an episode of Late Show With Stephen Colbert aired on March 12, the American presenter Stephen Colbert joked about the rumors: “The kingdom has been shaken by the apparent disappearance of Kate Middleton. Internet commentators speculate that Kate's absence may be linked to her husband's affair with the future king of England, William. I think we all know who the alleged other woman is. Say it with me: the Marchioness of Cholmondeley – what a beautiful name!

The official announcement of the Princess of Wales' cancer has put malicious speculation to rest. Since then, faced with the insistence of the media, Rose Hanbury has made it known through a statement from her lawyers that “All these accusations are completely false.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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