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The minimum wage explained: what it is, the clash in Parliament, what happened to it

High voltage a Montecitorio. Between shouts, whistles and clearly visible slogans that led to the temporary suspension of the parliamentary session. The theme of contention between majority and opposition? The minimum salaryi.e. the minimum wage guaranteed by law to male and female workers: a compensation below which it is not possible to go below and which today, in Italyis established by bargaining between the social partners.

A compensation that the opposition parties had set at 9 euros gross per hour, in a bill presented months ago. Which it should have unite instead he divided the sides: the amendment approved in the Labor commission, in fact, distorted the original text by deleting the reference to legal minimum amount and entrusting the matter of salaries and compensation to the executive collective bargaining.

From here the heated protest of the opposition deputies – in fact – who have withdrew his signature from the measure and raised placards with the words: “Not in our name.” Above all, the symbolic gesture of Giuseppe Conte who, precisely for this reason, tore up the new text in the Chamber: «Let’s not give up», said the leader of the 5 Star Movement. “It is a measure that Italians are waiting for.”

An instrument that would align Italy with 22 out of 27 European Union countries (not only Austria, Denmark, Finland and Sweden have it, nrd) and which – again according to the opposition – would be a warranty for people at risk of poverty, especially in this moment of economic difficulty. «This time too you are turning your back on the real country», he underlines Nicola Fratoianni of the Greens and Left Alliance.

Along the same lines Elly Schlein: «Today with one hand crumple the opposition’s proposal and with the other give a backhand to 3.5 million workers who are poor even if they work”, declared the leader of the PD to the members of the executive. Which, also based on the negative opinion of the CNEL, argue that the introduction of the minimum wage risks doing so revise downwards existing contracts.

«I’m smiling a little because today they tell us that the minimum wage is the only real thing which must be done in Italy”, he replies Giorgia Meloni. «I don’t understand why, after ten years in government, they don’t have it never came to mind to do it.” The delegation to the government which therefore stops the introduction of the legal minimum wage has passed to Room with 153 votes against 118 against. Now he will go to the Senate, amidst the furious choruses of the opposition: «Shame».

Source: Vanity Fair

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