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Two are arrested for assault and robbery of an elderly person in Copacabana

A man was arrested and a minor was apprehended, on Wednesday night (6), suspected of having participated in the robbery in which businessman Marcelo Rubim Benchimol was attacked and robbed, last Saturday (2), on Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, in the South Zone of Rio. The businessman was knocked out after trying to defend a woman who was being robbed.

Security cameras captured the criminals’ actions and the images generated repercussions. After the incident, residents of the south zone created groups of “justice” to hunt down thieves in the region.

The arrests occurred in a joint action between the 19th BPM (Copacabana), of the Military Police, and the 13th DP, of the Civil Police.

According to the investigation, the police identified through data crossing that the pair used the bus on line 474 (Jacaré x Copacabana) to get to the waterfront. During the inspection and approach actions, the teams intercepted the man and the teenager.

Also according to the police, during the approach, on the same Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, people recognized the detainees as participants in robberies in the region and there was a beginning of commotion, controlled by the agents.

The incident was recorded at the 13th DP, responsible for investigating the case.

Marcelo Rubim Benchimol, 67 years old, was walking on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, going to the gym, when he witnessed a woman being the victim of a dragnet. The merchant tried to intervene, but ended up being punched in the face, passed out and had his belongings stolen by the bandits.

After the robbery, Marcelo was rescued by two guards and taken to an Emergency Care Unit (UPA), where he received treatment and was released. Despite the brutality, the merchant was not seriously injured.

Source: CNN Brasil

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