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The moment a bull attacks a woman on a beach in Mexico – 'Don't go near him, don't play with him, please'

A tourist was attacked by a large bull on a beach in Mexico. The terrifying incident happened at La Fortuna Beach, near San Lucas, but it is not clear when. In the video, the woman is seen trying to collect her things from the sand when a bull comes dangerously close to her and sticks his nose in her bag. At the same time, passers-by try to tell her to get away from the animal with the woman, but she doesn't succeed and is finally viciously attacked. As seen in the footage, the woman, dressed in a black dress and hat, tries to quickly collect the bags on the beach as the bull sniffs her items. The tourist tries to pack everything and move away at the same time. “Don't go near him, you're really playing with it now!” a bather told her. “Please don't do this,” he continues to yell at her as the tourist puts her hand on the bull's horns and […]
Source: News Beast

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