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The moment when the 7.8 Richter hits Turkey – Video of the dramatic rescue of a child from the debris in Syria

Turkey and Syria are living an unimaginable tragedy after the powerful earthquake of 7.8 Richter which focused on our neighboring country. More than 500 are the dead in both countries, while the videos that come to light are shocking.

Watch video of the moment of the earthquake in Turkey…

The death toll from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey in the early hours of today has reached at least 284, the country’s vice president Fuat Oktay announced during a press conference.

Mr. Oktay specified that 70 people died in the province of Kahramanmaras – where the epicenter of the devastating earthquake was located -, another 20 in Osmaniye, 18 in Sanliurfa, 14 in Diyarbakir and 13 in Antiyaman.

At least 230 people have been killed and 600 injured after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck parts of northern Syria, a senior Syrian health official told state television.

In Aleppo province, which suffered the hardest hit, there are many victims under the rubble of collapsed buildings; hospitals are overwhelmed with wounded.

The dramatic rescue of an injured child…

Lekkas: We don’t know if it was the main earthquake

“We still don’t know if it was the main earthquake of 7.7 Richter that occurred at dawn in southern Turkey,” Professor and president of OASP Efthymios Lekkas told APE-MPE.

“That’s the thing,” he added, noting that “it’s a very big earthquake and its consequences will be multiple,” which came from a large fault that starts in Lebanon and reaches the Black Sea.

Mr. Lekkas estimated that this earthquake will not affect faults in the Greek area nor is it related to the earthquake that occurred in the early morning in Rhodes, magnitude 4.2.

Source: News Beast

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