The most economical rocket engine with a record operating time has been created in Russia

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JSC “Design Bureau of Khimavtomatiki” tested a new rocket engine, which managed to operate for more than 3,000 seconds. The chief designer of the enterprise, Viktor Gorokhov, informed the Zvezda TV channel about this.

As noted by the TASS news agency, this is a record figure for today. For comparison, the first stages of modern launch vehicles use engines that operate for about 140 seconds, and the life tests of third-stage engines, as practice shows, do not exceed 280 seconds. Moreover, the Russian solution is the most economical in the world among oxygen-kerosene engines, since the product uses a closed circuit, which differs in that the generator gas, after being triggered by the turbine, is not released into the environment, but is fed into the combustion chamber. Thus, it participates in the creation of thrust and increases the efficiency of the engine.

“We carried out such long tests, and the engine worked not only for 750 seconds in one start, but worked for more than 3 thousand seconds,” said Viktor Gorokhov.

The Voronezh enterprise JSC “KB Khimavtomatiki” is a developer of rocket engines for the second and third stages of Russian missiles. In particular, the engineers of the design bureau are developing the RD0124 MS engine for the second stage of the Soyuz-5 rocket.

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